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L’incroyable Mr GO en Streaming

yyyresumerpartiryyy Story about the first gorilla playing baseball in Korean Baseball League. Wei-wei, a 15-year old circus ringmaster of a falling troupe in China, is left behind an insurmountable debt when her grandfather dies in the Great Sichuan Earthquake. The only family/friend she can depend on is a forty-five year old « baseball playing gorilla » named Ling-ling. When a loan shark threatens to sell Ling-ling and the circus kids to cover the debt, Wei-wei has no choice but to allow Ling-ling to be scouted by the materialistic sports agent Sung Chung-su to play in the Korean Baseball League. Despite the skeptical of the professional baseball society, Sung Chung-su successfully signs Ling-ling with a professional team with his calculated plan and sweet talks. Ling-ling, now dubbed « Mr. Go, » hits consecutive home runs and brings victories to his team Doosan. His popularity grows so immensely that even the fans of his opposing teams cheer for him. Mr.Go’s successful home-run parade continues, but Wei-wei and Sung, stunned and blinded by the sudden success, neglect to detect … yyyresumerjusquaxxx

Date de sortie : 2013-07-17
Durée : 132 min
Réalisé par : Yong-hwa Kim
Avec : Dong-il Sung,
Jiao Xu,
Hee-won Kim
Genre : Comedy,Drama,Sport,
Origine : Français
Qualité : DVDRIP
Langue : Français (VF)
Sous-titres : Aucun
Platformes : Vimple MyStream Netu Upload VK

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